It’s possible that I have a slight shopping addiction. I blame this on my mom because 1) she too loves to shop and has more shoes and bags than anyone I’ve ever met, and 2) she loves to help ME shop. This post is intended to be a series that appears weekly with the top 10 things I’ve been wanting to try/buy. Let’s be honest though, this could very well be the first and last of the series because I’m noncommittal that way.

This may be a bit selfish on my part as this list primarily benefits me. I tend to see a million things I want online and in stores and then never remember what they are/where they were. So this series is really great ’cause I can now keep track of all the things I’d like to waste my paycheck on. You can see where everything is from by clicking on the pictures. Here we go.

  1. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer: OK the only things I really care about when I do my makeup are my lips and my eyebrows. I’m obsessed with lipstick and I love to make my eyebrows look as big and natural as possible (my boyfriend LOVES this). I would definitely not know how to use this stuff but it’s supposed to make you look dewy and who doesn’t want to look nice and dewy right? 41rGnI-ZzCL._SY355_
  2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo: when you have very thin hair like me, you know the importance of dry shampoo. This particular one evidently smells like violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. Sold.


3. ‘Holly’ Lace-up Sandal: I’ve really been loving the lace-up look. These are a great fresh take on the old lace-up ballet flat and I think they would be perfect for summer in the citayy.


4. Everlane’s Slim Crew in Pink: I’m always looking for the perfect crew neck t-shirt and I am kind of obsessed with this one. I’d take the whole outfit actually.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.58.13 AM

5) Athena Mauve Tonal Set from Outdoor Voices: I would DEFINITELY work out more if I had an adorable exercise outfit like this. Right?


6. Glossier’s Generation G lipstick in “Crush”: I bought this lipstick in “Jam” a few weeks ago and have worn it every day since. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on the other three shades. (Did I mention you can get 20% off if you use this link?)


8. Old Navy’s Clog Boot: I saw one of my fashion gurus last night and adored every single thing she had on. The next three items are all from the Gayle Rankin collection.

Gayle had on these killer clogs that resembled ones I’d been pining over for months. I’m embarrassed to say that I mistook Old Navy clogs for Swedish Hasbeens as I don’t tend to like much from Old Navy. But that is the truth and these are the amazing shoes. So cute and so cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.15.49 AM

9) Buxom True Nude Lip Foundation: Gayle had this lipstick on and not only was the shade understated and gorgeous, but her lips actually looked fuller than usual as well. I’m told the lip plumping effect is due to ingredients that give your lips a tingling sensation and make them swell. Is that safe? Pain is beauty though, right?


10) Maison Louis Marie’s Bois de Balincourt: Not only did Gayle look fab, she also smelled amazing. I have always wanted to have a “signature scent” but can’t ever commit to one. I also find that when I put on perfume I either a) over do it and feel nauseous from how strong it is or b) don’t use enough and can’t smell it at all. This perfume oil was the perfect combination of fresh and earthy and wasn’t overpoweringly strong, just pleasantly present.


That’s what I’ve had my eye on this week. What have you guys been lusting after? Let me know!

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