Can we talk about the airport for a hot second? Everyone has feels about the airport experience right? They hate it, they love it, they’re scared of flying, they always arrive three hours early, etc. 
I guess I don’t ever realize that I have opinions about the airport until I’m at one, and that I am. So, because I’m one of those people who is always early to the airport, what better way to pass the time than to talk about the airport. Should I say airport some more? 

Airport Observations:

1) You get a free pass to eat, drink, and shop as you please. At least this is my opinion. You are stuck in a building for possibly hours at a time and one of the only forms of entertainment is either a) shopping, i.e. buying books you’ll never read from Hudson News or b) consuming cardboard food and watered down beverages while you pass the time. When is it really socially acceptable to drink wine at 10am? At the airport! 

2) People have crazy stinky feet. This is a great topic of conversation you guys, I recommend it for first dates with strangers any day. But really, how do people have such stinky feet. After a long day in flats with no socks, sure, my feet aren’t smelling like their usual rosy self. But how do you actually get your feet to smell that bad. It’s unreal. 

3) Some people are just chronically late airport getters toers. You see it all the time. They are the ones who aren’t just late because they are connecting to another flight. They are the ones who are standing in the security line asking to go first because they are going to miss their flight. Sure, I don’t know the circumstances so I can’t judge, but that can’t be a pleasant way to travel. I personally don’t enjoy running through the airport with my luggage flip flopping behind me. Why don’t you just leave one hour earlier next time? I think you’ll find that it’s a much more peaceful experience. 

4) Some people have really good airport outfits. Sometimes I’ll go shopping and think to myself “gosh this is so comfy and simultaneously chic, this would be a great airport outfit.” And yet, somehow I always look like a schlub. What makes a great airport outfit? Is it the accessories? Is it a great hair day and a full face of make-up? I guess I’m doomed then.  

5) There’s really no telling whether I’ll be a nervous flier. I started flying alone when I was 6 I think. Mom? Dad? Can you verify? Somewhere around that time I started flying to Canada to visit my father by myself. This was during the time when you could still drop off and pick people up right at the gate so it wasn’t that strange that I was doing it alone. But my point is, I should not be afraid of flying. Regardless, I often am and it hits me at strange times. Sometimes I’ll get on a plane and there will be tons of turbulence and I’m just chillin’, unphased. Other times I’m panicking as soon as the plane starts moving. There’s really no telling how it’ll go so at a certain point I have to make a decision about my sobriety on each flight. Is it hurricane season and I’m flying from Florida to New York? I should probably start throwin’ ’em back. 

There you have it folks. A fascinating read for a Saturday morning, am I right? Gotta jet. Literally. ✈️


“Gemini traits: Expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents two different sides of and you will never be sure with whom you will face. Gemini can be sociable, communicative and ready for fun, while on the other hand it can be very serious, thoughtful, restless and even indecisive.”

I am not a big believer in Astrological Signs or horoscopes but I am truly the epitome of a Gemini. One day I will have a very strong opinion leading me to believe one thing, and the next I will have the opposite opinion. This doesn’t generally apply to very important things, but more so the little things in life or things that really only affect me.

As a kid I constantly struggled with what my “look” was. I wanted to represent myself accurately and in a consistent way by identifying with a certain style, but I could never figure out what that style was. Was I a hippy at heart? When I decided I was, I’d buy moccasins, wear long flowing skirts, and braid my hair. When I got tired of that, I decided that was wrong all along and I was actually preppy. The preppy thing didn’t work well for me because I’ve never been able to look perfectly put together for very long. My hair is usually a mess and my mom makes fun of me because I spill food/coffee on most of my clothes.

I have always had this conundrum about my work life as well. A part of me feels that I should strive to be a successful career woman, perhaps a big Broadway producer or Production Stage Manager. On the other hand, so far I haven’t found something that I’m so passionate about that I’d be willing to make it my life’s focus. Then I think, perhaps I should get a job that supports the kind of life I want to live. Should I manage a yoga studio? Work at a small bookstore in Maine? Make jewelry in a hole in the wall jewelry store in Brooklyn?

Are you bored yet or do you identify with these feelings?

When you grew up with a mom who knew what she wanted to do when she was 5 and proceeded to do it quite successfully, it’s hard to not know what your passion is. She didn’t have to sacrifice her life for work because she LOVED her work. So what do you do when you can’t find the thing that you love. What percentage of the time do people who are passionate about their jobs, love their jobs. Am I being a big baby and this is actually how everyone feels? Why should I settle for something I only enjoy 50% of the time?

Seriously though, can you give me some answers?