1) Why did I ever think a race at the crack of dawn in the winter was a good idea?

2) 13.1 miles. That’s doable, right? That’s like 6 miles two times plus a little extra.

3) This isn’t so bad. I love race day energy.

4) A water station after the first mile? What kind of wimp already needs water?

5) Ok maybe a little water would be nice. I’ll skip the next water station.

6) These people who are passing me are probably going out too fast. They won’t be laughing when I’m passing them at mile 12.

7) I’m really cruising, all that training paid off.

8) “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy….”

9) This is starting to hurt in places I didn’t know could hurt.

10) I thought I’d covered all the chafe-able spots.

11) Think happy thoughts. What will my first post-race meal be?

12) “Is this how I die?”

13) Would I be considered an American hero if I died during a half marathon?

14) Shut up, Emma.

15) Ok halfway there, that’s good!

16) HALFWAY FU***** THERE? I have to do all that again?

17) There is a literal layer of salt forming on top of my skin.

18) French fries, french fries, french fries, all the french fries.

19) The winner has already been done for like an hour.

20) If I quit my job and dedicated my life to running could I win this thing?

21) I probably could.

22) I don’t even like running.

23) Maybe I should be a professional swimmer.

24) Ohh finish line I see you! I SEE YOU!

25) That was kinda fun, maybe I’ll do a full marathon next time.


I never particularly liked yoga growing up. I tried to like it because it seemed like a great way to relax, stretch, and exercise, but I just couldn’t get into it. Thoughts would race through my head while I was trying to be “zen” and I would become increasingly bored and anxious as the class slowly passed one ujjayi breath at a time.

One day while perusing the racks of overpriced clothes at Lululemon (clothes which I pined over), I saw a poster up about their monthly free yoga classes. This month was being hosted at Laughing Lotus. Regardless of the fact that the class was at 6:30am, I decided to go. It was summer and I worked nights so I had all day to rest. This place completely changed my view of yoga. The walls are covered in pink graffiti and murals of Ganesha and lotus flowers, the floors are covered in glitter (but not the kind that gets all over you), and they play loud bumping music while you sweat it out on the mat. This probably goes against the whole purpose of the practice of yoga, but this was my foray into loving it.

Image from Wellandgood.com
Image from Wellandgood.com

After this experience I was able to start understanding and appreciating the slower, quieter, more introspective practices of yoga. Here are a few of my other favorite studios around the city.

Upper West Side

Image from yelp.com

New York Loves Yoga– 140 W. 83rd Street                                     http://www.nylovesyoga.com/


UWS Yoga and Wellness– 75B W. 85th Street                                http://www.uwsyoga.com/

Lower Manhattan

o (1)

Yoga Vida NYC-99 University Place/ 666 Broadway                     http://yogavida.com/

Image from giltcity.com
Image from giltcity.com

Y7 Studio– 430 Broome Street                                                        http://www.y7-studio.com/

Image from ishtayoga.com
Image from ishtayoga.com

Ishta Yoga– 56 E. 11th Street                                                           http://www.ishtayoga.com/

Image from Skytingyoga.com
Image from Skytingyoga.com

Sky Ting Yoga– 55 Chrystie Street                                                  http://www.skytingyoga.com/


Image from areayogabrooklyn.com
Image from areayogabrooklyn.com

Area Yoga– 144 Montague Street                                                    http://www.areayogabrooklyn.com/

Where are your favorite places to zen out in NYC? Let me know!